Our Services


Sensors and devices

  • Sensors and camera selection

  • 3D camera and LIDAR systems integration

  • Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi and Coral

Deep Learning Integration

  • TensorRTNVIDIA DeepStream / ISAAC integration with CUDA and

  • PyTourch, Keras and Tensorflow development

  • SLAM, path planning and mosaic algorithms integration

Cloud processing and scaling

  • AWS Sagemaker environment for development /training

  • “IoT cloud architecture” implementation

  • Optimizing models for production on Nvidia GPU containers in the cloud


A variable range of devices and sensors are all part of the video software solutions:

  • Sensors, camera and LIDAR integration

  • Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry Pi and Coral

  • Integration with Robotic OS (ROS)

  • NVIDIA DeepStream & ISAAC APIs with CUDA and TensorRT video processing. 

The used Algorithms enable fast integration with on device and cloud detection and segmentation networks, connection with SLAM, path planning and selection and mosaic algorithms.

You can drive and pilot remotely all of the vehicles, due to the low latency of CPU/GPU video compressions and transfer. Gstreamer (Linux) and DirectShow (Windows) are used as video graphs. Integration is done with WebGL and WebRTC.